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Saturday June 21st


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Today I went to the hospital and got there just in time to catch the doctor making rounds.

He informed me the blood culture was back and it shows that Mike has an e-coli infection. Struck me as weird since I associate e-coli with meat and he hasn't been eating any meat for weeks. But I found out e-coli is in everything and healthy liver just 'filters' it out. Mike's liver was just too taxed to get rid of the bacteria.

Then the doctor went on to say that although these cultures never give a false positive, Mike was "atypical". When I asked him why he said "Mike isn't sick. Normally e-coli infections make the person very achy, they run a fever, vomit, diarrhea, etc...all of which Mike doesn't have. I said "Well maybe it isn't e-coli then??" But the doctor assured me that the test is fail proof...which doesn't explain why Mike isn't sick. Could it be a God thing?

Anyway - our GP, who is a very good diagnostician, did it again! He simply watched Mike breathe, thought he looked "different" and ordered the blood culture. He missed on the possible pneumonia, but was right on to call for the blood culture!

The GP told me that Mike would need to take at least 10 days of antibiotics intravenously. Since he has already been on them two days, he would need 8 more. But then Dr Held went on to explain that if the Infectious Disease doctor felt that he was responding to the antibiotic they might be able to give him an oral antibiotic after 3 or 4 more days.

The Infectious Diseases doctor stopped by later today and said that although Mike's abdomen didn't contain a pocket of fluid to tap, there were several smaller pockets of fluid causing pressure and getting infected. She said that he is responding to the antibiotics very well so far and expects to be able to put him on oral meds by Monday or Tuesday and he can be discharged from the hospital. I noticed yesterday already that Mike's belly was less swollen. I'm assuming it's because the infection and inflammation is being reduced.

Tonight I put him in a wheel chair and pushed him out on balcony of the third floor to get some fresh air. His fogginess is still with him, but he comes and goes...and he's "with us" a little more than "out zoned". Last night it took two people to put him on the commode, tonight I could get him in the wheelchair by myself...(he did all the standing and moving!)

Today though I thought I'd split a gut when he told me and the nurse he was having a baby. She and I were talking about babies and births and in his morphine fog, I think he decided he was pregnant. When I assured him he wasn't pregnant, he told me I'd be sorry when it came out of his uterus. Just about lost it! I tried so hard not to laugh in his face....but that was TOO much!

Obvious prayer concerns....Mike's continued response to antibiotics and his continued gain of strength.

God continues to lead us....we continue to follow. Only God knows what tomorrow will bring....but I'm confident He is already there.

Love and hugs to you all,

Shannon & Mike

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