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Did you see todays count- 1500

Donna G

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How does it all work when we lose members? Do they stay on the member list if their email is no longer functioning? If it's someone whose family uses the email so the account is active, is the user considered "active" although deceased?

Just questions for an accurate count...with some recent bad tidings as well as those that continue to come in, I don't think we truly have that many members...


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Well, we have that many actual registered members and thats really all we can go against. If a member passes away, their membership stays untouched, however if someone formally asks to be removed then their username is deleted. If someone has failing email address for over 2 weeks, then they are just disabled.

This may not make sense at all, I just woke up... lol



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As I said ," we will probably be there again soon". Well today is the day. # 1500 joined again. Boy I wish that not so many people had to deal with this disease but so glad we can help each other here. Donna G

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