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MRI sickness???


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Trying to figure out what is giving me nausea/vomiting ....anyone ever get this the day after an MRI? I had two MRI/spine scans lately...both times I got violently sick the evening of the day after. Durn thing actually makes you warm, heating the tissues inside, wonder if it could cause it. dunno.

I also switched pain meds those days...coulda got mixed ....had to take darvocet to allow me to drive over and back...then switched to oxcodone or percocet after arriving home. Could be the cause also...dunno

(hope Oncodoc is still on line..hehehe)

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Hi--- on your MRI---did they give you Iodine? (called with contrast)Perhaps a delayed allergic reaction? I had an MRI, (of the head) and never got sick, so I am not sure if the iodine can cause this vomiting after the fact--

and some pain meds used to make me really sick to my stomach, so perhaps it was the switch in drugs

hope you feel better soon


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Are you claustrophobic? Did the test set off all those warning bells in your brain, get the ol' adrenaline pumping? For me, the "illness" is when my nerves let off some and the after effects of "fight or flight". I think there is also some issue with the dye 'cuz my urine is odd (really hard to explain) for a while after any test with "contrast"...

Fay A. can probably give you far more insight on issues with the dye. It's toxic to her system....maybe drop her a PM?

Take care,


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Good Morning

I had entire left lung removed on Nov: 25 2002 along with 5 nodes being removed and the doctor put 7 stainless steel staples in the area where the lump nodes had been as markers for the radiation doctors. The point being, I was told that I could never have an MRI because of the staples. Did they do that to you? Something for you to ask your doctor I should think. Not ever having an MRI I can’t say any more nor offer any help.

My Prayers and Best to You. Grumpy One Lung in Michigan

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Hmmm..yea, I forgot about the contrast dye...could be that, too, I spose...gonna bring it up with my Onc. next week, course I dont think Im havin any more MRIs now...barring a recurrence , G. forbid. But want to sort it out so I know what to avoid if there is a next time, makes me G. awful sick, whatever it is... But, Ive had contrast with CT scans, and dont remember any effects from it, if its the same stuff...dunno.

No, Grumpy, theres no metal or shrapnel in me, so no probs there, ...but I do notice this uncomfortable warming of the body when in the MRI...uses radio waves in addition to magnetic fields, so I guess it acts a little like a microwave, jus cooks you rare, not well done tho..hehe. (Had to remove my nicotine patch, she said the foil backing will heat up sometimes...so I assume it heats up the body some too.)

K..anyways, thanx for the food for thought...Ill try to sort it out and post whatever "warning, MRI ahead" I find..hehe

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I thinkBeckymay be right. I am claustrophobic. Just gettin mask for wbr today set me off. As far as iodine allergy, the reaction is almost immediate. caveat----- --the first few reactions may be mild so you dismiss them. bad -- -- because you can have any reaction down the line that is much worse or as a nurse told me -- -- disastrous.

I conquered my claustrophobia through meditation. It is very difficult to deal with.I wanted to tear maskoff.

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