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Big UPDATE on Dad!

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I am heading out in the morning to go to WV. He has his preop on Monday and the pneumonectomy on Wednesday. What can I expect?? I am so nervous and scared. I will be staying until Friday and then coming back to Flordida to my kids. I am taking the baby and leaving the older two here with my husband.

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Great news, glad you are able to go and be with him. Is he going to have the whole lung removed or a lobe? If a lobe he'll have a chest tube til the rest of the lung re-inflates. If the whole lung no chest tube. Many have an epidural, like a continuous local anesthetic after, some have a PCA, with Morphine or Dilaudid, that you punch a button and it gives you a dose of pain med. Some have bothe. If they do it with a scope it is a small incision. If done open they break ribs and you get a smile incision. Guess witch one you get over quicker! Either way that cancer is removed! That is a good thing. Keep us posted. Usually you spend one to three days in ICU. Donna G

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Amy, you can expect that he will love to have you at his side!! That you will be scared, but glad that you went. You can expect that you will be there to give him nice pets and daddies always love kisses... Bring some candies with you and put them in his room...when my dad was in the VA, I called this "nurse bait". I don't know if it worked or not, but I wanted to pull all the punches that I could.

Please let us know how he is doing...You are wonderful to go. God bless you.

Cindi o'h

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