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43 Year Old Survivor Has Chemo While Pregnant


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I am posting a link to a series of stories about a remarkable woman who was dxed with Adneo Stage III, 11 weeks into her pregnancy. She had treatment while pregnant and then had her baby.

This newspaper has been following the story since July of 2003.

The links to all the other updates are on the page I am linking you all to.

http://www.dailyrecord.com/morrislife/d ... gnant1.htm

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Elaine -- Parsippany, NJ is about 2 miles north of me, I believe.

I was so touched by this article that I felt compelled to write to the reporter. My letter to her is as follows:

Ms Ash,

I had the good fortunate to come across an article you wrote back in June of 2003, regarding a pregnant woman going through chemotherapy/radiation for lung cancer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing such a heartwarming and compassionate story!

I too was diagnosed with lung cancer in my early thirties. As a life-long non-smoker, lung cancer was not exactly on my radar screen and the diagnoses turned my world upside down. While I had already been blessed with a son prior to diagnoses, I have continually struggled for the past 22 months with the decision of whether or not to have another child. While I have been in remission for the past 16 months, and have received the "okay" from my oncologist to get pregnant from a physical standpoint, the emotional aspect of things has been holding me back. The "what-ifs" in my future, and whether or not it is fair to bring a child into this world -- not being able to guarantee that the child will have a mother long term.

After reading your story, I realize that in this world, there are no guarantees. A seemingly healthy Catherine Doroshenko had no guarantees about her future either when she became pregnant, but when faced with a difficult diagnoses and decision, she forged ahead with her pregnancy. While I do not know the outcome of Catherine's treatment, and whether or not it was ultimately successful, I applaud her decision. It makes the decision I must make just a little less of a struggle.

Thank you again for sharing her story with us!

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