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Friendly ghost around me.


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Since Mike died, I have chimes that without batteries

still ring, most of the time to prepare me for a bad news.

I have candles, that when I put them out when leaving the

house, sometime come back when I get back in.

His favorite chair starts to rock when I get in the living room.

When I drive the car, I feel his presence beside me and I check

on my heavy foot like I never did before.

So many more things unexplained are happening that even

if all alone, I know Mike is always looking over my shoulder

and keeps me going.

I don't look for explanations, I know it is Mike looking after

me as he did for 43 years.

When one thing happens, I always say aloud ''Thank you Mike,

I know you are looking after me''.

Love you Mike.


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I like to read these kind of stories from all of you as I also experience some weird things after my dad's gone. I love to hear these as I know my dad is just around me and watching over me. I know he is still with me but in a sense that I cannot touch him or see him.

Your story is really amazing and incredible. The chair rocks?!


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Sometimes when I am going out, I get to the car and realize I have forgotten something and run back inside. On several occasions, I have seen Dennis's favorite recliner/rocker just rocking away when I enter the door. As many of you know, I do have pets and that could be a reasonable explanation except for the fact that this chair is terribly difficult to rock. The cats sit in it all the time and it never moves as they jump in and out of it. On one occasion, Dennis's favorite cat was just sitting on the floor looking up at the empty chair. I have a problem with watches/clocks running since Dennis died. He was always a stickler about time, usually complaining there was never enough time to get things done. I can have new batteries in a clock or watch and they will just stop, As suddenly as they stop, they will start running again. I also feel a strong sense of his presence when driving the car. we made so many trips to the doctors during those last months and I was always driving. I am so thankful that these things happen. They remind me that there is a thin veil between where he is and where I am and that someday that will be removed and we will be together.

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Last Saturday (Nov 6), my sister told me that she dreamed of dad, she saw herself sitting with dad on a bench. There is many flowers and grass around them. She drew the picture and showed us. It is a peaceful scenery that Dad talked to my sister and told her that he is now starting to adapt here new life. Dad told my sister that it is better here rather than sick on earth. He is doing very ok.

I found that picture is like a heaven, flowers with grass. My sister asked my dad to show her the heaven while she went to cementary 2 weeks ago. My sister said, Dad showed her in her dream.

I have great comfort as I also long to see what heaven looks like. Now I know how it looks and it is really nice, folks. :D:D

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