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mini george

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hi.mini george here.i am celebrating my first anniversary since i had my pneumonectomy.ned since then also.my problem is that i have

severe pain on what seems like my chest wall or ribs.my thoracic surgeon

had a pain block done with out any positive results.i am now taking more

pain killing drugs than when i had my surgery.any suggestions or

comments would be welcome.

thanks. mini george

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Hey, Mini-George,

Some of the things that have happened to me since my pneumonectomy are I rebroke some of the ribs that were cut as a result of my surgery. I did so by coughing very hard for several days. And that HURT. I also experienced a lot of pain in that area earlier this year because I tried to do something I should no longer do...dig up a small tree and lift it out of the ground. :roll: Even with a lever I should have known better. Hope you find an easily treated explanation for your pain.

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It sounds like you are having post thoracotomy pain which can be a real bear. The incision used to remove a lung or part of a lung is very painful because it cuts through so many nerves. In some people, that nerve pain can persist for years. Different things work for different people, sometimes Neurontin helps, I have had pretty good luck with Methadone. It would be a good idea to see a pain specialist if one is availabe because this is a challenging problem. Unlikely that this is related to cancer recurrence, however.

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