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Veterans Day


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Every year at this time, I remember my childhood friend -- Paul. Paul taught me how to ride a "grownup" bike, carried me running to the house when I fell and cut my ankle, and of course, wouldn't have a thing to do with me when we were around his buddies. :roll:

When he went to Vietnam, he was a young husband and father. When he came back, it was in a small box.

Paul, we have all missed you SO much over the years. You would be so very proud of your son, who has followed in your footsteps and made a career out of military service. He looks so much like you it's startling at times to see him walk up -- we all think it's you! And your grandchildren? Wow. What great kids they are.

We love you. We miss you. We are ever grateful for what you did for us.

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Grandfather was in WW I, permenant hearing loss in one ear and mustard gas. My other Grandfather was a a POW, but lived to come home and have a family. My father was in WW II. He never talked about it. At the end of his life he had many fears, the doctor said he might be having flashbacks from the War, something I had never considered. My husband was in Vietnam and now he has cancer and the VA says could be the two facts are related ...

My heart goes to all Vets, my deep thanks. I can never know exactly but I will never forget.

I read this on another site, they say the number one request of the wounded at Walter Reed is for phone cards. I hope this is allowed, if not, please remove it.

Medical Family Assistance Center

Walter Reed Medical Center

6900 Georgia Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20307-5001

My best to all, Margaret

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Freedom isn't free....for all our rights and freedoms we so casually enjoy each and every day in the US, someone has died for them. No words can express my gratitude to all Veterans, past & present; they make my heart proud.

My 21 year old son is a Navy Hospital Corpsman, currently attached to the Marine Corp out of Camp LeJeune, NC. He was previously a submariner for 2 years, and was in the Gulf when the war in Iraq first started...his sub was one of the first to fire their Tomahawk missiles.

He is currently awaiting deployment to the Middle East after the 1st of the year, right now he says Kuwait (I sure hope it stays that way), but it could be Iraq.

God bless all the men and women who are doing what they feel is right and just.......and keep them safe from harm.


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"He is currently awaiting deployment to the Middle East after the 1st of the year, right now he says Kuwait (I sure hope it stays that way), but it could be Iraq."

Mary, please send him my best wishes, and a big ol' cyber hug! Let him know how appreciative we are of what he is doing for us, ok?

Thanks so much to you both -- you for having such a great kid, and him for doing such a great job.


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Ditto to all the posts!!!!!!!! My dad passed of cancer 5 yrs. ago. He was a

veteran. Went to the cemetary after work yesterday to make sure all

the flags were upright etc. Very sad. The man who lives upstairs from

me is going to Iraq next month. He has a wife and a six yr. old boy. I'm

so afraid for him. Watched "Saving Private Ryan" last night, I shouldn't

of done that, it made me more upset.

Thanks again to all the veterans!!!!!!!!

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