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Blood in his urine....anyone else experienced this?? HELP


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My dad woke up on Thursday morning and urinated a good amount of bright red blood. He has no pain and no other symptoms!! (see his whole course below). He went to his oncologist who worked him up for infections and possible side effects from Lovenox...but everything has been negative. He is set to see a urologist in about 2 weeks (grrr..the doctors must be taking some time off for Thanksgiving) and will be having more tests done. Anyone have any ideas?? I fear its a met to the kidney or may bladder cancer? Maybe I'm going crazy. He had a bit more blood that day and then nothing (well, at least that he could see that is). Any info would be great!

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My German Shepherd had blood in his urine. The vet said it is a kidney infection or stones. He was give antibiotics and it went away. Please don't think I'm comparing you to a dog! Ha! ( Even though that would actually be a compliment from me, mine are my children :lol: ) However, treatments are pretty much the same considering the illness. I would think you would be jaundice if it were more serioius. My sister-in-law also gets kidney infections and urinates blood. Keep us posted.


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If you are not "okay" with what the oncologist had to say, get your father in to see his GP. My oncologist deals with cancer, plain and simple. Any "unknown" side effect is treated by my GP.

Bright red blood in the urine is probably not a good thing, as blood in the bowels is not, but from what I've read, it's DARKER blood that is the BIG panic button - from any orifice.

My grandmother is going through tests right now for blood that keeps showing up in her urine. Not being one of the daughters (she has four, including my mother) that takes her in for appointments, I'm not sure if it's "visible" or just something showing up in tests.

I would think, though, that if your father is alarmed and it appears to be copious amounts of blood, you would want to talk to his GP, as well. Blood is never a good sign, but can be treated (maybe it's just a urinary tract infection that's just beginning).

I hope you get some answers soon,


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