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funeral today


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I went to the funeral today of the wife of my stats professor from last year. It was the first one I'd been to since Becky's, and so of course it was emotional. I was spared a little bit because much of the service was in Chinese, and so I didn't have a clue what they were saying, so I just imagined it was a series of knock knock jokes.

My classmate Nikki was there, which was so nice for me. She is such a sweet woman and has been so supportive of me in the last year and a half. Deno has challenged me to get out and reenter the world, but Nikki is the one who has wise words and hugs. Kind of like our snowflake, but with real flesh.

The worst part for me was one of the sons, who talked a little bit about the day she died. Her experience was very different than Becky's because she had been bedridden for many weeks and unable to work for several months if not more than a year. But her son had the honor of holding her hand and talking her through her last moments. And so of course, that took me back to Becky's last night. But that was followed by a preacher who gave a forty minute sermon entirely in Chinese; I told Nikki about halfway through that the next time he paused, we should all just start clapping as if he were done, but he managed to speak for 12 straight minutes without inhaling, so we never got the chance. Darndest thing I've ever saw.

Katie is home from Austin; she spent the night with Becky's mom, and then the day with my parents and aunt and uncle who live up there. So I got to get some time to recover, got some shopping done, watched Notre Dame blow another winnable game, talked on the phone for an hour with my latest squeeze - my heretofore undiscovered animal magnetism will have to be the subject of a whole new series of posts - and even read a couple of papers for my classes next week. So I guess it has been a good day, even if it did start with a lot of emotion.

Tomorrow after church I think Katie and I will head to the park unless it is yucky outside. It was ugly today - mid 50's and rainy - so unless the sun comes out, we may have to do something else. We haven't seen the incredibles yet, so maybe we can do that. I haven't had a date for the movies in a while, so maybe Katie will go with me.


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hi curtis,

my mom's funeral/viewing services were in korean (except my eulogy - i spoke "konglish" haha), so most of my friends were completely lost too. but i'm sure that your former prof really appreciated your presence (i definitely felt the moral support from my friends). your posts are always so entertaining. :lol:

God bless,


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