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Treatment question for SCLC re: radiation


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Hi all,

I have a question about treatment for Stage IV, mets to brain and liver, for the husbnd (age 60) of someone near and dear to my heart (she is like my second mom).

The beast presented as dizziness and he went to hospital on Sat where he was ultimately diagnosed.

The recommended treatment is decadron for a week to reduce inflamation, then radiation to shrink the brain tumors, then chemo.

The question is--what can be expected as side effects/how will he feel from the decadron and brain radiation?


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My husband's scenario sounds just like your friend, except instead of dizziness he had an enormous headache. The headache disappeared within 24 hours after starting the decadron and he had almost no problems with the WBR which was started immediately. He had received no chemo at that point. After the WBR, he started chemo and chest radiation. On the 3rd week of chemo is when he started to go down (but, as you know, he's doing great now.)

The only problems he had with WBR was some confusion and short-term memory loss for several weeks after WBR. He lost all his hair (which grew back (Well, [wink-wink] he didn't have that much to begin with and so he still doesn't have very much). His head got so red and dry that he could rub his head and dry skin would fly.

He worked every day and actually, I remember him saying after the WBR, and 2 or 3 weeks of chemo/lung radiation that this was a piece of cake. After the 3rd week of chemo, things changed dramatically. He did get through it and got a lot better, but it took several months.

Hope that helps!



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Sorry I'm a little late to reply. I haven't been on in a few days. Anyway, my mom started WBR two weeks after her diagnosis. Her doctor had started her on decadron on a Friday and she began radiation on Monday. The main side effects from the decadron were extreme water retention (she got really swollen within the first two days) and trouble sleeping. She also had an awesome appetite. With the WBR, nothing seemed different until the second week (she had 10 doses total). She became very wobbly when she walked. She also had severe short term memory loss. She would ask a question, I would answer it, and she would ask the same question again within minutes. Her hair fell out about one week after radiation ended. It has almost been two months since her treatments and her hair is starting to grow back and her memory is greatly improved. I would say she is 98 percent normal now. She goes back to her radiation doctor on December 1st and he will be scheduling a CT to check progress. If you have any more questions, let me know.

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