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Large and small cell combination


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Hi. I am writing on behalf of a dear wonderful family friend whose husband was diagnosed.

His biopsy showed large and small cell combination, and he has mets to brain and liver. They were told that the large and small combination can be difficult to treat. The husband just started 10 days of brain radiation and they meet with the oncologist on Dec 8.

Any stories, advice, knowledge, on the combination would be appreciated.

I will send this link to them. Thank you!

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Sorry dear, I don't know diddly about large and small cell combined. I just wanted you to know that I have just added someone else to my long list of people I pray for. (The Big Man probably wonders if I'm EVER going to be finished praying :lol: ) I'm sorry that you have a family friend who is going through this. It is rough, huh? We have a family friend who had a heart transplant. He is NOT doing well at all. On the brighter side of things, I did a fundraiser luncheon for the family and also sold chances on a homemade quilt...................I was able to raise $1305.00 for the family! I kow that's just a drop in the bucket to what they probably need, but I'm not finished yet. :wink: I am one determined woman when I set my mind to something.

Maybe you could post in the Ask the Experts forum and get some info from Dr.Joe.

))))Bumping this make to the top in hopes that someone who can help will see it.

In my thoughts and prayers~~~


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Hi Andrea,

Sorry to hear about your friend. I have had both, only at different times, nsclc in Feb 2000 and sclc diagnosed this year. I have just finished chemo and then 20 PCI treatments. Don't know if I can be of any help but if you have any specific questions, please feel free to PM me. Also, I am just up the road from you and will get my phone number to you if you want to call. Please let me know if I can do anything at all.

Love and hugs,

Nancy B

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