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Tammy Faye Baker Messner_ Cancer Gone!

Donna G

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Last spring she announced she had inoperable lung cancer, today on ABC news morning show she said after 5 months of chemo the doctor told her it was gone. She said she also found out it she had had spots on her liver.

She was there with her grown son and daughter. She says that WE _TV followed her through all her treatments and is going to air it next July .

www.outintoronto.com/home/news.asp?articleid=7469 - 50k

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My understanding (and it may be wrong) is that her lung is a colon cancer met as she had colon cancer a few years back and that her LC is not a new primary, If its colon its a whole different ball game than if its primary LC.

Also hoping she does well. I wish more "stars" would come forward. They are so ashamed. I saw an interview recently w/ Ken Kerchavil who played Cliff Barnes on Dallas. The interviewer found out he was a LC survivor and brought it up. He looked shocked, blew her off about it and only wanted to talk about his antique dealing business. I was so sad to see yet another public figure hide and not share every detail.


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Guest Mrsmanny

Wow, I didn't realise people were ashamed of LC...

My hubby thinks that there really is a cure and only rich people and celebrities get it... :roll: one big conspiracy he says.

I've only ran into people who ae willing to help.

I mean if one in three people get cancer, then why aren't there more celebs talking about it?

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How I wish it were true that there really was a cure and you had to be rich and famous to access it.......but, sadly there isn't. If there was, Adam Sandler's dad would not have died of LC last year......or Harrison Ford's mom....or Jim Thome's (Philadelphia Philly) mom.....or Matt Lauer's dad. George Harrison would not have died, and the list goes on (actually we have a list somewhere on the board of celebrities).

What we need is for celebrities to stop feeling ashamed about it and speak out. Katie Couric did wonders for Colon Cancer awareness after her husband passed away. We need a "celebrity spokesman" for lung cancer.....but if we can't get one, we have to become one ourselves!

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What gets me is, they drink, do drugs and are sexually active

with who knows how many partners. They can't admit they

smoked and maybe NOT smoked and developed this awful

disease. Whats' up with that? If only they would talk about the disease like they do bo*** or the bu** or front area (Viagra).

It would save so many lives. Shows you the coldness in the stars and Hollywood, our politicians. How sad. People of wealth or higher status don't seem to care unless it is adventages to them. What is it going to get me? $$$$$$$$ (money) they hope...

They, maybe would have survived if it were talked about more by their families.

The big guys (tobacco) are running this show. We need a great force

from many to stop them. It starts at the top (stars)...

This applies to most, not all...

God Bless, prayers and the CURE,


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I too hope Tammy messner is in a long lasting remission or cure. And i have often thought of the advantages the rich and famous have in medical treatment but like some one else wrote and then gave a list of name's of rich and famous folk's where all there advantage's were to no avail.

But i have noticed the one rich and famous star who is still kicking and she refused the standard treatment for cancer and that is Suzanne Sommers as she is going the natural way of dealing with her cancer which as i understood it was breast cancer, but not sure of the stage they caught i in, but i don't believe it was stage one.

I still remember my doctor saying during one of our discussion's that one of the most frustrating thing there was , was when he would have 2 people with the same diagnoses of Cancer and no matter what you tried one would do well and the other would do poorly. He is a strong believer in the power of GOD and a person's attitude.....

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Unfortunately, celebrities as well as the rest of us are made to feel ashamed of our lung cancer. Too many people have a cruel reaction, the first words out of their mouths being....Did you smoke? Or do you still smoke?

Who the heck cares, no one deserves cancer of any kind. My answer to that question is why, would I deserve cancer if I did?

Someday hopefully ignorant people will get beyond this and celebrities will no longer have to keep quiet about lung cancer.


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