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Got Home From Smokey Mts Today


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I had a great trip to Dixie Stampede. The food was great and the show was excelent. I know that Fay, OkDebi and Ry are going to hate me for this but the whole chicken that they brought me was delicious and not wasted. Can you imagine 1500 people per show for 7 days (with 2 showes on week-ends)? How many whole chickens is that a year?

For those of you that have never been there, you eat southern style with your fingers and no silverware.

We went to the top of the mountain and man was it cold. I had to put my jacket over my mouth to breathe. Was snowing on top. Ice was on the trees. Beautiful. The grand-kids had never been. We stopped at the museaum at bottom of mountain before going up. I wanted the kids to see the animals etc that were stuffed and on display. My grandson would not go near the bear. It looked real and he didn't believe that it was stuffed. He is 8 years old too. I have been there before but not with the kids. We had so much fun I had to share.

I am returning my pass Ry but may need it again. There are 2 more grand-children. I have promised to take then next year but I don't know....

I thought about everyone while I was gone and am glad that there is no bad news. Elaine, I am glad to see you back. I know you left for holidays but didn't see a post before I left.

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Oh Bruce I love the Smokies. Bill and I try to get down there at least twice a year. We've never done the Dixie Stampede, but I must say that you make it sound grand and we may just have to do that on our next trip! Gatlinburg during Christmas...that ought to be beautiful with the snow capped mountains in the background....sitting in front of a huge fire after getting out of a hot tub in a mountain chalet. Oh, sorry....got lost in the dream!

Welcome home Bruce,

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