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MRI / Dear Santa


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Better late than never...Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Bill had his first MRI yesterday, after completing his WBR last month. We meet with the neurologist and radiologist at 3:30 this afternoon for the results.

My 10 year old gave me his letter to Santa last night. (I know he's a little old for letters to Santa, but I still make both of my boys write one...it seems to keep them little a bit longer) Anyway, it said "Dear Santa, I want a few things this year but if you can just make the cancer go out of my Dad's head that will be good." It tore me up all night. As much as I try to protect them from this nightmare, they seem to just know.

Prayers would be appreciated!


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Jeez, Beth.

Just ain't right....that kids should have to think about a parents illness or brushes with mortality. It has always been one of the things in this life that perplexes me about God. That and taking away children from parents. I just don't "get" it. Maybe there will come a day when I can ask Him face to face..."what's up with THAT?"

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