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An update on my mother

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I only posted a few times, right after my mother's diagnosis in the fall. But I have been reading here since then, almost nightly.

I see such an amazing, caring group of people here. Thank you for sharing your stories, your courage and your sympathy.

I think I've been in shock for these last few months, and have finally found some measure of "peace" (although that's not exactly the right word) with what is happening to my mom and to our whole family. Obviously, our lives have been dramatically changed, but along with the fear and the sadness we have already experienced some remarkable moments together.

I've updated my profile and the news is all very positive. Except for the hearing loss, and the fatigue, my mom is in wonderful shape, and her spirits are good. After a lifetime of being the "giver" to so many people (family, friends, and community) all of these people are giving back to her. The outpouring of love, prayers, emails, flowers, notes, gifts, food, visits, phone calls, etc. has been so uplifting and affirming for my mom and our whole family.

Her next scans are scheduled for 1/28, and I am holding my breath that the news will continue to be good. Her doctors say they are extremely pleased with her response to the chemo and are now using the other C word - Cure! Her main doctor, at Moffitt Cancer Center, is involved in Moffitt's bid to host an international lung cancer conference in 2009 - he says he plans to win the bidding process for the hospital AND have my mother as a speaker.

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