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Great Weekend


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We also had a great weekend. Our "rollercoaster" just happens to be up right now. We went to the fireworks Friday night at Tanglewood and got home at midnight, my brother and his wife came to visit (our first visit with them since Hugh got sick as they haven't seemed to want to be around us) on Saturday. They came at 5:30 in the morning and we went fishing in his boat on one of the small lakes in our area. We caught a bunch of fish and then came home and had a barbeque (steak, not fish as we always do catch and release). Then we went to the races Saturday night. Its one of Hugh's favorite things to do. By the time the races were over at 11:00, we were all BEAT exept for Hugh. He wanted to stop to get pie on the way home and didn't suggest it because we were all looking so wiped out. Hugh and I got up early Sunday and cooked a big breakfast for my brother and then cleaned up (my dishwasher is BROKEN! Thank goodness its getting fixed today!) After everyone left I went to bed and slept for 3 hours. Hugh actually did lay down with me but he watched TV but didn't sleep. He is feeling great. I pray it lasts for a long time!

Our youngest son is going in the Airforce and is moving from next door August 1. I was delighted to hear yesterday that our other son is going to move into the house. We will miss Jeremy and his wife so very much, but having Jamie next door will be nice and I won't be looking out our window at strangers which would make me miss Jeremy even more.

So, it was a great weekend, I hope everyone had a good one!

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