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A dear friend of mine's cousin who is fighting cancer wrote this. She said it would be ok to post it.

When faced with adversity, you've gotta Believe.

Believe in something, someone, anything.

Find it, embrace it, hang on, it's the golden ring.

I believe in my family.

They need me, I need them.

I believe in my doctors.

With their help, I will mend.

I believe in God.

In the darkest throws of battle, he was there.

Win, loose or draw, I felt better in his care.

I Believe in friends.

How indispensable they are.

They rallied and roared from near and from far.

I believe in my coworkers.

They worried but were always upbeat.

They insisted I was needed back, no matter if it was two years or a week.

I believe that happy thoughts prevail, but sadness has a place too.

You need to feel all of the feelings and express them from you.

Don't tuck, stash or hide them, they'll only rebel.

Walk with them, talk with them, set them free, say farewell.

Believe in yourself, you never can tell.

When pushed to your limit, you can be stronger than Hell.

If you Believe, your boundaries will surely amend.

What once was too far, impossible, intolerable, a pain.

Will come into focus and you will indeed maintain.

The support of friends and strangers, education, prayer, faith, luck.

Whatever the focus, Believe, it's a must.

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