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Mom's CT scans


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I didn't know whether to post this on the "good news" forum or to post it here, but I thought this board hasn't had quite as much traffic lately so I'll post my happy news here :wink:

My mom just got the report after receiving her 3 month CT scan results from her onc. The mass in her left lung is completely gone. :D She has dramatic shrinkage of the tumor in her liver. My mom was really just beaming when she came over. I usually go with her on her onc apptmts, but didn't go today because I knew she would be asking questions about how much "time" she had left. Well now I'm kind of glad that she did ask because he granted her more "time" - increasing her life expectancy (you know, cuz he's God of course :roll: ). Anyway, turns out her asking that question and getting a good response from the Dr. really lifted her spirits. She just was so happy. The Dr. said the CT scan results were much better in comparison to other SCLC patients at this stage than he has seen in a long time. He must be pretty optimistic because he also started her on Iressa, which before he wasn't willing to do. So today is a good day. :lol:

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HI Anne,

So happy to hear about your mom's CT scan. That is great news.

It's so nerve wracking going for them and waiting for the results.

I think everyone here prays for everyone and their family and caregivers.

Longer life, yes. Remember, the time the doctors give is only from

satistics. Each and everyone of us is different. God will decide.

Keep up your good spirits.

Marsha :D _______________________________________________________---------------

AG 61 DX 12/01 adenocarcinoma Stage 11B, right lung removed 1/02

4/02 spread to lymph nodes restaged 1V. hAD 6 CHEMO TREatments

Taxol/Carboplatin- beginning 5/02 ending 8/28/02. I had nsclc.- been

in remission since and greatful for it.

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i am so happy to hear some GREAT news. now you can go have your beautiful baby without all the worry. I was in your shoes 8 months ago and let me tell you, grandchildren are the best medicine. your mom and yourself will have something else to focus on for change. good luck and please find time to post all the particulars! (do you know the sex of the baby?)

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