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Finished 2nd Gamma Knife..


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Hi All,

Just wanted to let you all know, I made it through the Gamma Knife - it was changed to Thursday rather than Tuesday because of a scheduling problem on their end. I was at the Hospital for a grueling 9 hours & thought I'd never get home. Things went smoothly, or as smoothly as these things ever go I guess.

I'm now hitting the Frankenstein head syndrom. Bolt holes, swolen forehead & eyes swolen nearly shut (lovely shiners too). A little bit of a pressure headache but not too bad. Now comes the really fun part - hurry up & wait. We naturally won't get any info as far as the success of the procedure till the 3 month scans. That part makes me a little nutts but what else can you do but wait?

All things considered, I feel pretty darned good & just wanted to thank you all for your prayers & well wishes. Unfortunately tomorrow I have to go to a funeral. A dear friend just passed from a massive & totally unexpected stroke. I guess I should consider myself lucky - huh? I'm sure going to look a sight at that funeral though.

Take care & again, thanks,


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Hope your side effects quickly subside. Your attitude is really impressive -- very few of us would be able to say that we felt "pretty darn good" -- I moan about a little headache. Sorry about your friend's death; hope that the funeral isn't too difficult for you.

Waiting, waiting, waiting -- it's just part of the deal, I guess. Here's to good news in three months!


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So glad your gamma knife went well. Ouch, sounds like the after effects are pretty yucky! Get plenty of rest and I just know your scans are going to come back with an "empty head"! Thanks for keeping us posted. Sorry to hear about your friend.

Take Care,


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I'm glad you have that behind you now. I remember how "grueling" that day is. We were there 12 1/2 hours, and it was a very long day.

I'm surprised to hear that you're swollen etc. My husband had treatment to 6 mets, and he really had nothing like that at all. Have you reported that to your doctor?

On top of everything you are going through, I am sorry about the loss of your friend.

You take care and keep us updated.



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