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I am so glad you are all in my life.

I feel like I have seen first hand what you go through, and your courage inspires me more than I can ever say.

As for Jo, she is doing as well as can be expected, I think,good moments and bad ones. Me too. We celebrated Bob's 77th birthday on Friday with Jo, Art and I and their kids.

We second guess ourselves on if there was more we should have done or more we should have tried, but ultimately, Bob is in a better place, and we miss him but don't wish him back in that awful battle. He was a dear friend and he leaves a big hole in all of our lives with his abcense.

We are finding things to remember and laugh about and we are careful to make sure our loved ones know we love them every day. It makes ya think, doesn't it?

Praying for us all ( as Tbone always said)



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Yup and yup. Make the most of every day and every person in our lives. I understand how you feel, of course. It will be a while, a long while, yet I am assured there is a pattern to things. Glad you had the birthday dinner, I was thinking I might do that, why not? Or I might go someplace peaceful under the stars - if there is no rain or bugs - and have a nice little talk with him. Well, Nell, Hi. Talk to you later. Margaret

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Thanks for giving us this update. It's such a wonderful feeling when we can look back on beautiful memories and laugh. It really feels so good to laugh. When we are forced to watch our loved ones suffer and struggle there is nothing to smile about. Then, when we lose them, we feel as if we will never smile or laugh again. Then, one day, a beautiful memory will come to us and before we realize it, we are smiling!!! It really feels good!!!

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