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question on high calcium level?


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Hi friends, I need your experiance. Today after getting such good news yesturday moms oncologist called and said her blood test yesturday showed a high calcium level and he wanted her to come in tomorrow for a 15 minute IV. He siad to her "this will help why you dont have any energy and you should feel better by the weekend."

OK my Cronic worry disorder has kicked in and now i am thinking that they were wrong yesturday and the cancer has spread. I mean they only did blood work yesturday and no tests other than that. Her PET scan isn't till next friday. Ok yeah maybe the majority of brain mets are gone but maybe its somewhere else now.

So my question is. what does elevated calcium level mean. could it be nothing related to cancer. She is very fatiged and he said to her (not to me cause I wasn't there) that she'd feel better by the weekend.

HELP please

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Shellie- I would call the doctor and ask him just to reassure yourself. It doesn't sound like something to worry about. It sounds as if he want to make her better. Doctors rarely offer to do anything extra from what I've seen unless it's asked for...so I would take this as a good thing. He wants her to have more energy...that's good! Is she taking supplements? Maybe she's taking too many calcium supplements? I always thought calcium was a good thing, I never knew you could get too much of it. The chemo maybe gave her elevated calcium? Sometimes I think the chemo is worse than the cancer!

Shellie, don't worry, this sounds like a positive thing.

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Actually too much calcium in the blood is not a result of taking in too much calcium from what ive read!! One of the causes could be too much vitamin D intake.....was she taking vitamin D supplements alot? Im sure the Dr. will know why this could have happened. Im sure there is more than one cause of it. But I do know for sure that vitamin D toxicity is one of the causes. What too much calcium can cause is actually kidney stones.........you can probibly tell ive done my homework huh?? ha ha. Ive just read sooooo much health stuff the last few months its not even funny. Hope this info. helps!! :?:

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She is on Zometa or another biphosphonate. Correct? The calcium level is probably from the bone mets.

High calcium levels can lead to dehydration. The kidneys essentially remove extra calcium from the body. When high calcuim levels are in the blood the kidneys cause frequent urination.

That is why he is giving your mom an IV.

Estrogen, lithium, aspirin, salicylates and like the others said vitamins A and D may lead to increased calcium.


I would ask the doctor about a biphosphonate, there are other drugs that will also help with the calcium. I think sometimes Lasix and IVs may be used to flush the calcium out

Take care

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