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Back Pain


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I finished radiation on Dec. 2 and had surgery on Jan. 4. All was fine until about 3-4 weeks ago. Has anyone experienced back aching this far out from radiation after experienceng none at all even 5 weeks after surgery. Could it be from something else?

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Where does your back hurt? Spinal pain, or located on the back side of where your surgery was?

My pain was along the rib line and to the point on my spine where that darn rib tied in. Surgery related, nothing sinister (but to be sure, my oncologist ordered a bone scan).

Any time you are concerned and just talking to someone here doesn't help, check it out with the doctor's office. They have the experience to tell you it's nothing or might be something... I wouldn't call for a hangnail, but continuing pain would be an issue to address any time. There's no reason you should be in pain with the chemistry in the world today.

Take care,


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I had back pain after my treatments. Not right away, but later. The radiation oncologist said that it was "rebound radiation". There is another word for it too, but right now I can't get the memory banks working right.

I also have rebound radiation in the form of telangestasia that migrated around on my back and finally settled into being a permanent fixture on the opposite side that I had radiation! It is about the size of an egg AA extra large. ( :P )

Hope that this is all it is for you. But, like snowflake says, best to have it checked out.

love, Cindi

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