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Gamma knife


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Hey everyone

I did the gamma knife today for my one brain met. I didn't find anymore today so that was good news. Not too unbearable and I'm going back to work tomorrow. The Dr. said to rest but I'm not tired and I don't want to stay home. I usually listen except when he tells me to limit my activity.

Go back in three months for check up. Do another round of chemo next week. Feel good. It looks like the posts have gotten slightly better. Thank goodness I'm thinking of everyone all the time.

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HI LEN!!!!

I've been waiting on pins and needles waiting to hear from you, and how you are doing after the procedure.

I am so happy that everything went well, and that you came through it without any serious side effects. It must be a big relief to finally have that done after all the waiting.

Katie is right, even if you feel good, try and get a bit more rest than usual. Even though you may feel like you are fine and have the energy, simetimes overactivity fatigue sneaks up on you and knocks you down when you didn't even think you were doing anything wrong.

Take extra special care of you, and take those two beautiful boys and Lori out to celebrate!

I'm praying for you still, even though I know in my heart that this gamma knife was a huge success. I'm just praying for more successes to come your way.


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:D Well of course I worked and felt good but my forehead swelled up pretty good for the rest of the day. Kinda have a neandrathal look about me but it covers up with a hat. If that is the worst side effect you'll never hear me complain. Back to running and lifting weights since I'm almost done with the decradron. The decadron was the worst part of this I had to take so much of it Everyday that I wasn't normal.
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