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Trying to stay busy


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I am desperatly trying to stay busy, waiting for my moms appointment this Wednesday to know how bad it is and what she will have to go through..

To keep myself occupied at work I organized a "daffodil days".. I guess most of you have heard of it (I hadnt until recently).. Didnt do to bad, raised $245.

anyways, how long does it take after the first appointment to know how bad everything is.. She was in the hospital last week and had every test imaginable (biopsies, ct scans, etc) and they just said that she has cancer in her liver and lungs.. how long do you think it will take until we know exactly whats going to be happening?

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If your mom has already had all the tests and scans, I would imagine that the doctor appointment you have tomorrow will go over all the findings and give you some options on how to proceed. Remember, if you are not happy with the treatment options, don't hesitate to get a second opinion.

Good Luck,


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Dear Kimberly,

I agree with Terri, Ry and Frank - you should know tomorrow. If your mom has good doctors, you will come out of the appointment feeling a little better than you do now, even if it isn't all good news. The reason is because you will have a PLAN. It's just amazing how much a PLAN and HOPE will boost your spirits.

Now, if you come out of there feeling like all the doctor did was paint gloom and doom, and gave you no hope, then run for a second opinion. But, in the meantime, don't forget to log on and tell us what he/she said. There is truly TONS of good advice from the people here.

Love and prayers,


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If theyve done the tests and scans...u should get a pretty good idea at the appt. of what is there. But u have to ask the hard questions, and press the dr. for info u wanna know, or dont understand, etc. They dont always explain all details, etc., unless you press them too. Its always a good idea to write down questions u think of , so they dont get lost in the conversation at appts.

The only tests that can give an overall view, the full picture, of the extent of the disease, are the full body PET scan, and Bone scans, if bone cancer is suspected. I would insist on at least the PET scan, so youll all know how much youre facing, and where it is.

I would imagine a suggestion for treatment would be made, or maybe a referral to an Oncologist, or multi-Dr. board for treatment decisions, depending on hospital , etc. In any event, try to calm down and take it one step at a time....once you are investigating the disease, you are moving faster than it does., it doesnt grow overnite. There should be time to diagnose it and consider treatment options....then go at it....all you can do...one step at a time. Hope your news is good and good luck...Rich B.

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Hi Kimberly,

Ditto. You should be learning a lot tomorrow. No matter what you hear - NEVER LET YOUR MOM BE A STATSTIC! If you hear anything that doesn't make sense or that does not give you hope, RUN - don't walk - for a second opinion. Truly - had I not been the strong-minded individual that I am, I probably would not be here today to be telling my story. I was given little to no hope at my initial dx & boy am I glad that I tend to rely on my own research & not numbers! I feel pretty darned good today. Yeah, I know it will not "go away" but my life is so good right now. The days I have right now are better days in most ways than any I've ever had in my life. Amazing what it can take to make some people to get what life is really about.

Please know that you & your Mom are in my prayers.

Take care & please keep us updated.


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