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I need help and can't seem to find it anywhere, so hope somebody in our group can offer some suggestions.

PROBLEM: This is not related to my lung cancer,. but is another problem I have.

Throughout the day and night, I have what feels like something pushing on my rectum and while it is not real painful, it is very distracting; as the day progresses, the pressure gets worse and becomes a moderate pain.

I have had a colonoscopy recently and all was fine. The colon rectal specialist said he does not know what is causing the pressure or pain; I have been to six different doctors in the last couple of years and none could diagnose the problem. One, who is an internist and my primary care physician, said he "thinks" it is caused by a nerve.

Well, yesterday I went to a surgery center to have my thumb operated on (had a cyst or something like that) and the orthopaedist who did the thumb said he would also take care of my pressure pain and give me a local and then a steroid shot that would stop the pressure pain. Well, it did not work. Last night and today the pressure and pain has been as bad a usual.

This pressure I have is not too bad when I am standing; it is bad but not real bad (or in other words less bad) when sitting than when laying do wn. When laying down, the pressure pain is almost unbearable. Sometimes it feels like l00 pounds pressing against my rectum.

I'm sorry if this is out of line asking you to help me with another problem besides my lung cancer, but I thought I'd try to see if anyone has ever heard of a problem like this or can offer any suggestions

Thanks.......again............you wonderful people


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Never heard of anything like this. But, I want to offer my prayers for you. You would think one of the docs could figure it out. Could it be referred pain from a disk in your back? You could try wearing a back support (like the home improvement store employees wear) and see if that helps. Unfortunately, I have a lot of back problems experience. Take care.

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could it be slight constipation? I may get too grapgic here, but it may help. All throughout my life postpuberty, I would get this horrific pain in my rectum that would sometimes radiate to my tummy. It would literally knock me off my feet. I realized in time that it was mostly caused by a 'harder' stool. usually after I would go to the bathroom, the pain would subside and eventually go away. I never went to a doctor about it.

My mom has been complaining of pains like this too. She tried everything in the bookj and then finally when she would take a vallium it would go away. It could be a muscle tensing up or something.

I am sorry this is something so uncomfortable for you. Im sorry you have this ontop of everything else. {{hugs}}

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Often and on I have a feeling of pressure and pain in that area. There is not rhyme or reason as to when I get it. One doctor told me it is a muscle spasm. And yes, standing or sitting on the john seems to help. I talk 2 or 3 Tylenol the minute I feel it start. I think these help or the spasm just runs it's course.

Just another suggestion.

Hope you get some relief.

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Hey Barb,

I have a cousin who had the exact pain your decribing. His Dr.s also

thought it might be a nerve. Did you try pain killers and did it help?

I had nerve pain in my neck and pain killers took the edge off but never

totally took the pain away. They had no answers for my cousin either.

Good luck and take care.

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Hi Barb.

sorry 'bout my sassy remark up there. Maybe it was made so that I could put some thought and effort into your situation. And I have been thinking about your poor bum off and on throughout the day.

This may sound odd to you. And maybe it does to me too. I had taken a class called "Spring Forest Chi Gong" taught by Master Chun Yi Lin several years ago. The area you describe is called the dan tien . You may have and energy block there. It is the area where much energy comes in and out the body. Master Lin teaches classes here at several local colleges. He does one on one healings and also does long distance healings. He can be reached for a consultation through his center of Spring Forest Chi Gong. I used him for a one on one healing. It was an amazing experience for me. I think he charges 70 or 90 dollars per session. He really does move chi. I don't know if this helps...I hope it does. You sound like at the end of your rope. And that there are no answers for you going traditional medicine. Might try to google Master Lin and his Spring Forest Chi Gong.

All my best to you for fast relief..

Cindi o'h

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