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Hi everyone,

Just received an email from my oncologist regarding my PET scan results. The PET shows that there is an area of uptake in the right lung and on the right chest wall. They cannot tell conclusively whether this is tumor, radiation or some other type of inflammation. The doctor went back to the CT scan done in February and could no see a corresponding area on the CT. The dr. asked me if I have had pneumonia, flu, or any sort of respiratory infection recently. Which I have not.

So I have emailed my dr. back to see if there is any other test that could be done. I have also asked him to fax me the results. What other questions should I be asking? Have any of you had a PET scan that they could not tell what is going on?

Best wishes,


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Hey Dee-

What about faxing it to the radiation doctor and having him look at it too. remember PET can give false positivies but if it were me.....I'm so scared of my own shadow I would be having everything done to make sure.

Good luck! Call if you need to and KEEP US POSTED!

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Most of the hospitals in Richmond, VA are linked together and the tests can be pulled up by computer. If not, I would pick the scans up from the place where it was done and make an appt with the radiation doc for a consultation.

When my cancer returned in 02/05, the Oncologist and PCP said no more surgery. I picked up all scans from 12/04 (when I was clean) and new scans from 02/05 and took them to MY surgeon for him to tell me he couldnt cut it out anymore and what he would do if it were him. I trusted my surgeon with my life for two surgeries so to me it was his call.

Everyone seems to have their own insite/expertise on things....the more eyes and opinions the better!

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Hi Dee: I was just wondering, wouldn't the Pet Scan and ct scan already have been looked at by a radiologist beofre the oncologist has them? I my situation, my oncologist just passes on the information from the radiologist who reads the scans and writes the reports. It wouldn't hurt to have another radiologist look at them. He would also want to have the CT scan from Feb.

At my last Pet scan, I had uptake showing at my chest wall, with nothing corresponding at the ct scan other than scar tissue. I did have a nodule that showed uptake and was on the ct scan. I had a biopsy. the nodule was malignant, but my chest wall had no malignancy. I guess it was just inflamed scar tissue.

If the docs cannot find anything corresponding in the ct scan, and really don't know for sure what it is, I might guess that they would just monitor it. In my case, the next step was a biopsy which led to a pneumectomy.

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