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I need your thoughts../UPDATE


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Hey all. In case you missed my last post, an apology for freaking out, I had never seen my mom that sick and talking about the things she was talking about. She is miraculously better this week. In fact, we have been shopping twice and it has been months since we could do anything like that. I am so happy.

Anyhow, she saw her radiologist today and he is recommending stereotactic radiation for the 2 mets that showed up on her MRI from 1 1/2 months ago. She has been noticing some unbalance and so I guess that is why he recommends it now. She did have WBR back in January. I have been looking through posts for almost 2 hours now and I have found out that most people get headaches following the procedure. I see many people get far worse afterward. This worries me. Any advice that I can give her or things we should be watching for? She is so worried about it, so I have printed off some things from this site for her to read.

Thanks y'all.

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I have a coworker who's mom had that for a brain met last week. I think she has liver cancer mets to her brain. he said she walked out of the hospital that day, no headache, and never got one. I imagine lots of things depend on how it affects you, maybe like where the tumor is located in the brain.

I'd do it. the side effects have got to be very temporary and not that bad.


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Hi Lori,

Sorry I cannot help you about that treatment. But I am so excited that you mom has made a complete turn for the better. You must be so estastic.

I pray the radiation goes well for her and she starts to feel like her old self again.

Keep us posted.

That is such great news, Lori!!!!!!


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