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Help for Mouth Sores


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Rinse your mouth with baking soda and warm water. It helps. Also, you can ask your doctor for a prescription called "Magic Mouthwash". It's a mixture of Mylanta, and a local anesthetic, and something else. It really does help to numb the sore areas. Hope you can get the mouth sores under control soon. Just as an aside: You may want to consider buying some Denture/Retainer Cleaing tablets, and use them to clean your toothbrush after every use. I've known several folks who did this and they did not have severe problems with mouth ulcers/cancer sores.

Hope this helps.

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Hope the magic mouthwash does the trick. When I had my chemo sometimes my whole mouth would get sore other times I just had a couple of ulcers in my mouth. If it's just a couple of ulcers and you don't want to kill all the taste in your mouth (When I used the mouthwash I REALLY didn;'t feel like eating) you could try some orabase. It's a cream that you just puts on a mouth sore. My son had used it for his braces and it works great on ulcerssore spots... it really "sticks" to the sore and doesn't numb your whole mouth.

Hope your feeling better soon

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use extra/extra soft toothbrush.. and biotene products..they are alcohol free and non- drying of the soft tissues. Biotene makes toothpaste, oral rinse for freshening up, and a chewing gum (stimulates saliva production) as well as a long lasting oral lube that will lubricate an extra dry mouth.

Sometimes, it is the drying of the tissues and the rapid exfolliation without regeneration that contributes to the oral sores.

Tender gentle care and avoiding foods that cut..like corn chips and crusty breads etc.

I am dealing with mouth sores also, but I can't figure out the cause. I am thinking maybe the prednisone. I did go through the mouth sores thing with the chemo/radiation too. Mouth sores can be a pain in the watoosie. But, hey, when we find comfort, it is great.

Good luck, Charlie and all.

cindi o'h

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