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Hello from NZ


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Hello everyone

Have not posted for a while however have been visting lots. This is just an up date on my mum. She has had a brain tumour removed and has had radiation for one week only. Now has stared a phase 2 trial using Dmxa in conjunction with conventional chemo. She is doing well but is very weak. The single brain tumour was sucessfully removed now we are facing a tumour on the adrenal gland. It is a very hard and long road thank godness we had the chance to go to Ian galwers centre in Melbourne. I am not sure what is ahead we are trying to live one day at a time.

It is very hard in New Zealand we have been waiting since October to start Chemo.....and we still do not have access to the latest drugs even if we try to receive them privately.

Not sure what is ahead but would appreciate any advice advice on what is ahead. Also has any one had a tumour on adrenal gland as our doctor here does not say much.

THanks - Jody - New Zealand

Mum diagnosed Jan 04

Right Lung removed Jan 04

Oct 04 advised metastised Adrenal Gland

23 December seizure advised singe brain met

Jan 05 Brain TZumour removed

February Radiation on full head

April 10 started first round of chemo trial drug

Scans all clear in Head and Left lung

Adreanal gland still shows tumour

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Dear Jody,

I'm so sorry to hear about the difficulty in getting meds & treatment where you live. And here we are complaining about the side effects. At least we can get the treatments to be having side effects from. Just want you to know that you & your Mum are in my prayers.

Take care,


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