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Hello, Tony B.,

No need to apologize. If you scroll down the list of posts you will come to one Jay wrote titled "Caught a cold". Click on that, and scroll down until you come to where Jay posted a response on July 11th, where he tells us he is feeling better.

I hope that nothing has happened over the past 4 days that would change this.

Please let us know, because now I'm worried.

Fay A.

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Hey Tony,

What is going on with Jay? He hasn't been on the board for over a week now. I know he had a cold and wasn't feeling all that great, but he didn't sound all that bad either. Sad he went to his doctor an got on antibiotics. Is something going on that you and Tina are so concerned with? Is it his cancer, emotions.....? Please let us know! I feel like we're hanging in mid-air.

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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Thank you so much Sophia. I've been doing... nothing at all. Just inside my house, watching TV, reading... even though I find it very very hard to concentrate on my reading. I've been very depressed. This Monday is my last chemo treatment (for now). I don't know what is next. I'm not looking forward to it at all. The last one made me sicker than the first two together.

Anyways, there isn't much to say as I've been just inside my room for the last weeks. My friend's graduation is next week and I really don't want to go even though they want me to. I was supposed to graduate from high school aswell, but I had to drop out.

My leg is better, I did go to the doctor and I still have to wear this thing for one more week. Then I hope I can go out and play soccer again. I also have my first therapy this coming Tuesday, with a woman. I hope it works out, I really need it. I'm very confused at the moment, with my health, with my thoughts, my sexuality (It was me who I told you guys about, I hope you don't reject me cause of it) and with life itself. I need someone to help me through this, so I hope she does.

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Jay, I think the worst thing to do if you are depressed is yo do nothing. I think the inactivity causes you to focus on the depression and it just gets deeper. I think when you feel depressed, you should do something physically active. Do you have an exercise program or can you just go for a walk? Also, focusing on other people instead of yourself is usually helpful. Get interested in someone else's activities, or do some charity work. Good luck with your therapist. Don

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Dear Jay,

OF COURSE WE ARE NOT GOING TO REJECT YOU!! We love you, Jay, and only want good things for you. I'm so glad you'll be seeing a woman therapist soon and hope that she will be able to help you work through some of your issues. I agree with Don about DOING things--"Our behaviors are all we have to satisfy our needs" (William Glasser), and you are very needy right now. Take care and keep communicating with us, please.

Fondest regards,


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Hey Jay.

You're depressed because you want to be. You are in control here; you HAVE control. I understand you've been through alot here - your grandfather, your cancer, the accident, your mother, your leg, your friends graduation - they're all HUGE parts of anyone's life, and they don't usually all happen at the same time. You are in an unfortunate situation Jay, in that all of these things are happening in such a condensed period of your life. I never experienced a death in my family until I was in my late 30's. BUT, these are all part of life... they happen... you deal with them... you move on. In my opinion Jay, it's time to start moving on. Go to your friend's graduation, and celebrate it with them - you'll get there soon - maybe in a Canadian University. After your cast is removed, and you can use your leg again, get out there and play soccer. Visit your mother's and your grandfather's graves often, and talk with them, and know they're with you, and looking out for you, but know that they want you to be happy, and start enjoying yourself and your life. And chemo, well it's for the best, so "suck it up" and get it over with. It might be nasty, but the alternative is not even an option here. And finally, your sexuality... hey, this is the 21st century kiddo, you can do anything, or be anything that your heart desires, and no one will judge you or even bat an eyelash. Don't worry Jay, BE HAPPY. YOU'RE STILL ALIVE!!! Everything else is all gravy. Take care my son, ( these are all just my opinions)


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