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Alimta treatment, help


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Took the first treatment last Wed. The steroids, nearly got me, rapid heartrate, awake at night, feeling weird all over. I have been slightly nausea, with some stomach woes, fatigue, but the really weird one. has anyone experienced SOB with this. My ribs ache and the center of my chest,also Feeling better today, eating more, does this improve each treatment? Should I expect the same next time? Help.... When do you get back to normal, or do you? thanks, gina

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Hey Gina,

Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling so good. I cannot respond on the Altima piece, but can attest to the funs of prednisone. I just had a few months run on it and it was not fun. No sleep, anxiety, restlessness, but my breathing actually improved with it.

In any case, I am sure there is someone out there that can help you out with the sob and maybe it is related to Altima.

Here's to hoping that you have a better week ahead of you,


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Hi Gina,

I'm on alimta also and have experienced some of the same side effects you are getting. I think it is difficult to tell whether the side effects come from the Chemo or the steroids. They give me dexamethasone, zofran and Chemo at the same time. The first couple times I felt bad a couple days after and it didn't last very long. Had a little SOB, but not bad but the stomach thing with nausea, acid reflux and heartburn was worse. Lasted just a few days the first couple times and a little longer each time. Had so much energy from the steroids that I couldn't sleep so they gave me sleeping pills which helped. I never let it get me down, just kept plugging on. Don't know if you saw my post today but had my CAT Scan today afer 4 treatments with great results so I'm not complaining.

Seems like this stuff treats everybody differently so gotta go with what ya got. Hang in there. Hope this gives you some insight. Take care and God Bless.


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Discuss all this with your Doctor, let us know what he says. Like Charlie said, I have had the same problems. I have so many other things going on I don't know where my problems are coming from. The first 3-4 days after chemo I "just don't feel right", gittery, cranky, feel sickish. The second week after chemo I was having pain on my ribs (left side) and chest. At first I thought......that's where the cancer is on that side and it's doing something to it or it's growing. Just had CT Scan and I'm shinking.

This experience is nothing compared to the taxol/carbo/taxotere treatment I previously had so I have not mentioned anything to the doctor.

Hang in there! It's working for others!

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Thanks everyone for your posts.. Got my answers, Tuesday. Most symptoms are just side effects of this treatment, according to the DR. The pain she said was the treatment working, the SOB, was effusion AGAIN, so today I had 500cc drained off, But I should feel better soon... Thanks again, everyone I am hoping for the great results you got Charlie, and Justakid, Wendy, you always encourage..... gina

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