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Stage IV (Bronchioalveolar Adenocarcinoma) Lung Cancer


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Hi - First Time On - I Have Non-Small Cell Incurable/Inoperable Stage IV (Bronchioalveolar Adenocarcinoma) Lung Cancer - Matastasis To Adrenal Glands - Non Smoker – 50 Years Old - Diagnosed in May, 2002 - Started Gemzar and Carboplatin (9 Rounds) in Dec, 2002 - Started Taxol (15 Rounds) In June, 2003 - Some Tumors Get Bigger, Some Tumors Get Smaller, None Have Gone Away - Told This Is Not Survivable - 2 To 3 Years Life Expectancy - Very Fatigued And Tired All The Time. Anyone Out There With This Type Of Cancer Or Knows Someone I Would Be Most Grateful To Hear From – I Live In The Greater Boston Area - Thanks Rich

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Hi Rich, I grew up in Roslindale (Boston). We have a young women in our local support group that had BAC lung cancer. She fortunately was able to have surgery and since then had a baby. So far she is doing well. You were diagnosed in May 02 so you have had your first year of survival. Congradulations. I hope you continue to respond to treatment. Welcome .

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Actually, 2-3 years is an eternity with cancer. A lot can happen in the way of effective treatments in that time. It's like with the life expectancy charts -- the longer you live, the longer you are projected to live further. Hope you can see the positive in that and work towards it. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1995 and opted for radiation. In 2002, it came back, but by then they had perfected the radioactive seed implants, which I opted to do (not available in 1995), and now my prognosis is "less than 10% chance of recurrence"). Good luck. Don

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Hi, Here are some other therpaies that you may want to consider researching and asking different oncologists about..




radio frequency ablation therapy (RFA)

combining chemotherapy with radiation is a great way to fight this disease as well. Make sure that your oncology team stays agressive!


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I am pretty sure that chemo does not typically work on BAC. It is typically slow growing and does not "usually" metastasize outside the lungs. It is a little like a typical carcinoid - in that it is slow growing.

Faster growing tumors respond to chemo better than slow growing typically.

I am fairly sure I am correct on this but always double/triple check for yourself

God bless

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I too was diagnosed with BAC-stage 1A. I was told of all the lung cancers, this was the "best". I have been living with cancer for 10 years, and learned to take one day at a time. One moment at a time.

Glad you found us


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