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wristband education


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Last week I went to see my foot doctor, I've been seeing him for about 4 years now so he knows all my medical history. I'm sitting in the chair minding my own business and the first thing he asks is whats the clear wristband stand for.

My explanation started off a dialogue that I'm sure made him sorry that he'd asked, anyway I enlightened him on all the "second class" cancer issues and I saw a light bulb go on........this educated medical man had never realized what having lung cancer was about (and his mother died with it). I told him that the next person who asked me if I had been a smoker was going to hear that if they didn't know me well enough to know then they didn't know me well enough to ask! That made him sit up, he'd never given a thought what it was like to be asked that question - he admitted that he would never even think to ask anyone with any other type of cancer that personal a question but had asked it of a smoker.

So, I guess my investment in the wristbands have paid off twice, once in the form of a donation and secondly educating my doctor about the crap that we lung cancer patients deal with as part of our disease.

One less ignorant person who will hopefully pass it on!

I keep my soapbox ready at all times in case I get to sound off about all our issues but this is the first time I've stood on it for a doctor, Yeah, cancer survivorship rocks!!


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Go get 'em, Geri!! :) First, your doc....next, the rest of the world!! :wink:

Matter of fact, I did my own soapbox routine last night with a couple at the golf club, on this very topic!! Made me smile when the wife was the first one of the three of us to say, "A lot of people who NEVER smoked have lung cancer!!"

Right on!

The stigma that remains re: lung cancer just irritates the you-know-what out of me. :?

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We can conquer the world!!!

I have to say in my doc's defense that he listened to my diatribe with great interest and was genuinely surprised at what I was saying, he also said that he would certainly be more aware of what he asked in future (he had asked me if I smoked when I was first dx but that was before I became so militant about it).

Okay, so I've told all my friends, the doc and anyone else that didn't run away fast enough.......who next?????

I'm on a roll here so watch out world!

Have a good weekend everyone


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Guess what I am at a point, if it is a stranger who asks if my husband smokes, I just say no. That gets their interest.

Thats just a little white lie :) Then I go through that LC is the biggest cause of cancer in men and women. You can put breast, colon and prostate cancer together and it wouldn't equal all the people who have LC.

Thats gets their interest as they had no clue.


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