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Doctor's Appointment


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Well, I'm leaving work in just a couple of minutes to go to the Onc's office with Hugh. Its his first real appointment since we stopped chemo last month. He has gone weekly for an arensesp injection, but this appointment is for bloodwork and a chest x-ray. I don't think I will get the results of the chest x-ray today, but maybe. I thought this one would be a piece of cake but no that CWD has kicked in and I am a wreck. Since about last Wednesday everytime Hugh moves I ask him if he feels the same, how is his breathing..... well you guys know how it goes. Every once in a great while he will cough and every time he does I panic and ask him why he's coughing. God, I hate this stuff. When I calm down and think rationally I think he looks pretty good, though he does seem to have aquired an allergy thing with some sneezing. (That is the rational side of me, the irrational side tells me the sneezing is something much more and connected to the cancer.) I know this all comes with the territory but somehow it just seems better when you voice it.

I hope to be posting in the good news forum tomorrow.

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I think we get so focused on the cancer that we forget the usual normal things that happen, like allergy, cold, arthritis, etc. Those things still come our way even when we have cancer. As caregivers, we really need to watch how we hover, and not smoother the carereceiver. I have to contstantly remind myself of that. I don't jump up in the middle of the night anymore when lucie coughs -- of course,if she goes on a coughing jag, I jump up! Blessings. Don

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