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Swollen ankles and feet


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Hi, Guys!

Just a quick question. I am just now heading into my third cycle of chemo with Carboplatin and VP-16. After this last cycle, starting about a week ago, my feet and ankles started swelling up so badly I couldn't get my shoes on. No pain, just irritating. I asked the nurses and the pharmacist and they had no real answer - could be anything was their best reply.

Anyone else have this problem? I've also had infusins of Neaulasta and steroid prep solutions for nausea.


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I didn't have that problem with chemo, but every time my feet and ankles swell, it's a sign that I'm not getting enough fluids. It's really easy to get dehydrated when you're doing chemo Doug, so please make sure you're getting enough hydration.

If that's not it, then I have no idea.....


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"Could be anything." Wow. One more reason to be impressed with the medical industry.

IMO, I'd ask a doc and have some blood work done to make sure you don't have a sodium problem which can occur with SCLC -- especially before taking a diuretic. If the doc says "could be anything," oopsie. Wonder who might know something about medicine around here? My low sodium was the clue that I had SCLC. Had I taken something like Lasix, it probably would have killed me.

If you were Aunt Philameena instead of Uncle Doug, another possibility might be menopause. So, there ya go.


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Doug, a lot of good advice given here. I did not have swelling problems with the chemo cocktail you are having but no one person has the exact same side effects. I have run the gamout from washing all the sodium out of my system to pretty bad dehydration ( I was diagnosed by extremely low sodium). Guess the best advice I could offer is to go in and insist on a complete blood work. That should determine if you need a diuretic or maybe go on a fluid restriction.

David C

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Uncle Doug -

When I see my oncologist, we go over a standard checklist. Swelling ankles/feet are on the list. I'm not sure what they point to, but my doctor is watching out for them in me on my quarterly checks, along with mouth sores and "lumps/bumps/rashes".

Maybe some others will weigh in on side effects of chemo, I didn't go that route...but, with the "man boobs", I would rule out menopause just yet, either! :wink:

Good luck on finding an answer, ya'd think a doctor would be able to fill in some blanks!


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My mom had swollen feet and ankles for months. It's hard for me to pinpoint exactly when it started because everything kinda happened quickly and events overlapped each other. But, during the time that she had WBR and was on decadron she swelled a lot and gained 20 pounds. Most of this swelling was relieved when they started chemo because her superior vena cava syndrome was helped. She started chemo on the last day of her WBR and she was still on decadron. Her feet and ankles were so swollen that she couldn't even wear slippers. She was absolutely miserable. Her oncologist put her on lasix (40 mg once a day). This helped somewhat. Then 2 weeks later she doubled the lasix to twice a day and guess what?! Within a week all the swelling was down and hasn't come back since. Of course her doctors won't say exactly what it was (decadron, chemo, heart, etc.) but we were just glad to have it go away. Hope this helps.

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