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Hugh's Appointment


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Heavy Sigh of relief. Hugh's xrays looked good and what we got of his blood work was good. The place was packed yesterday and they were short staffed. Our appointment was at 2:15 and at 3:00 we were still in the waiting room. We finally got our of there at 4:00. The computer printing out the blood work got jammed on Hugh's results (figures) but they got enough to know that his blood counts were back to normal and he didn't need any more arenesp. Now I can stop worrying until next month (yeah, right). Its so weird not to have an appointment for 4 weeks. I thought she seemed a little overly worried about Hugh's allergy problems but in the end I think she was worried that he might have an infection not anything else more. This morning he has a headache so my CWD kicked in and I have been worrying about WHY he has a headache. Don is right of course, I know we just tend to forget that along with the cancer there are all the other normal stuff that is still out there like colds, headaches, allergies and arthritis. This damp spring created a mildow and mold problem in our basement and WHAT A MESS! Hugh seems much more sensitive now to smells etc than he used to be. Has anyone else noticed that happened to them?

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My dad is very sensitive to smell. Over christmas my mom had a pointsettia plant in the house, she had to get rid of it because my dad couldnt take the smell, and those really are not aromatic, I couldnt detect any odor from it. He was better though after she got rid of it.

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I know what you mean by the mold and mildew allergies. I used to get allergy shots and did so for years. After a while I didn't need them so I stopped. Since I started chemo I have become extremely sensitive to smells. I had my husband go out and get a new dehumidifier for our basement just to get the moldy smell out, we don't have water just that smell. It helped a lot.

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