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Nausea from radiotherapy


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Hi All

Mum had her first radiotherapy treatment today to two spinal lesions. She became nauseated almost immediately :roll:

Anyone else have this experience, and did taking anti-nausea meds give you any relief??

Mum is trying to do the two lesions together in a burst of 10 treatments, rather than spread the whole thing out over 20 sessions - perhaps a bit ambitious...

Any input is appreciated,

many thanks


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Some of the things I did to help with the nausea were to make certain I was well hydrated before having the daily radiation treatments. I also took a bottle of ice water with me and drank small sips the moment I felt as if I were going to be sick. I kept a plastic bag filled with plain saltine crackers with me and nibbled on those. And I put an iced washcloth, ice pack on the back of my neck. It really did help to stop the nausea. I had to drive myself more than an hour each way for daily treatments, so I couldn't take the nausea meds until I was back at my house. They left me feeling too 'drugged' to drive.

Hope this is of help to your Mum.

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I can not impress upon you how important it is to stay well hydrated. Never be without a bottle of water. It really does help. It helped me. God Bless You.

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