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Did you notice?

Donna G

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Has anyone noticed we have gotten 56 new members already this month? We are at 1999! Today we could be 2000! It is so sad we are so many but I am so happy that we have this family and this place to gather to share and help each other. Donna G

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Even at 2,000 we are just the tip of the iceberg for those battling l.c.

But you know....it helps me some to think that there are many out there who've beaten the beast and the only reason they aren't members here....is that they're too busy living their "normal" lives!! Maybe even OLD normal....eh? 8)

Still....that's not to say that lchelp isn't a HUGE boon for those of us here...and those yet to find us. I cannot imagine any place on the web where it's possible to find more first hand experience/information....not to mention Ask the Experts.

Katie and Rick...you've really created an amazing thing with this site. A cyberfamily!

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Just have to say, as one of the newbies....i can't imagine finding somewhere else where we're so welcomed and feel so safe to feel however we feel that day...good and bad!

Thanks again, all of you, for taking us all in and holding us close when we need some care, making us laugh when we need that, and crying with us when we need that, too.

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