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Thanks and God Bless all of you..


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Hello all, this is Donna's brother Mark..I want to thank all of you for all your kind words, prayers, and support..I had a full body CT scan yesterday..The results were no metastisis..I am so grateful for all the prayers..

I will pray to St Anthony for everyone here, He is a very powerful Saint..

Many thanks and God Bless you...

Mark :wink:

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Hi Mark and Donna,

How nice to have you both here. I'm sorry you had the need to find us, but I'm glad we're here for you.

Many Many MANY people are Long Term LC Survivor's of Small Cell. Chemo really knocks the crap out of Small cell. :wink: Small Cell really seems to respond to chemo! (I thought I better put that in English terms)! :wink::roll:

I wouldn't try to second guess what your bone scan would say, but I will tell you that all of us go through the same protocal most of the time. It's pretty standard.

I hope you'll both find support and comfort here at LCSC.

Welcome, and keep us posted.

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