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I am praying for you all each day and it will be hard to be totally away while many of you face test results. Cindi O, Frank L, David C and family, Addie, SBDiane, Standforhope and hubby, treebywater's mom and all of you who are facing rough times right now.-- I sure think of you every day and am sending all the love and fortitude I have--to all of you--new and "old" and NED and NERD and patient and caregiver.

I realized that I forgot to sign off in my usual way on the last post I made--and I don't want to be gone for over a week without sending you all

love and fortitude


It's just that I am a bit superstitious I guess.

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Thank you for your prayers - it means a lot.

I remember one time that I looked up the definition of fortitude because you used it all the time in your signature. I thought it meant persistence. I was close, but was cheating the word. I love the definition. I'll share it here with everyone else because I think it will make your signature even more meaningful to us all:

fortitude (forte tod, -tyod)

n. the strength to bear misfortune, pain, etc. calmly and patiently; firm courage

SYN.fortitude refers to the courage that permits one to endure patiently misfortune, pain, etc. [to face a calamity with fortitude]; grit applies to an obstinate sort of courage that refuses to succumb under any circumstances; backbone refers to the strength of character and resoluteness that permits one to face opposition unflinchingly; pluck and guts (see gut, n. 7a) both refer originally to visceral organs, hence pluck implies a strong heart in the face of danger or difficulty and guts, a colloquial word, suggests the sort of stamina that permits one to stomach a disagreeable or frightening experience see also patience ANT. cowardice

©1995 Zane Publishing, Inc. ©1994, 1991, 1988 Simon & Schuster, Inc.

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