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My Surgeons Bill


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Just had to post this because I thought it was "funny"....

I received my surgeon's bill for my surgery today. He charged $2450 for the one lobe he removed, $2600 for the other. Bargain rates!! Okay, this is off the topic but I STILL have not gotten a clear answer as to why he removed my middle lobe....I am trying not to go the route that maybe he had golf club dues due or something and needed to make a quick $2450? :shock: I think I was born a cynic!!

Anyway, I get this bill for a total of about $7,000 after misc charges and all and down at the bottom it says submitted to insurance..$6,985.00. Then it has underneath, highlighted in yellow...Patient Copay- $15.00 and of course it has a return envelope with it. I just found it extremely bizarre that all that money and they still are billing me for the $15.00 copay?? I mean, can't they "eat" that for crying out loud?? This guy makes more money than Trump..he's a major heart surgeon in the area besides thoracic and he's gotta get that $15.00??? I don't want to pay it...I want to withhold it in exchange for my extra lobe he took. :wink:

Oh well, just wanted to share this, petty as it is.


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Not that I always would take the doctors side. You have to figure his malpractive premimum each year is probably $70000-$100000.

There is also some research out there that removing multiple lobes leads to increased survival. At the very least he has to make sure the "margins" are clear

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Just to let you know...Cardiothoracic surgeons study for at least another 7 years after attending medical school. Talk about complicated cases and STRESS, this specialty is at the top of the list there! Also, John is correct with the amount of malpractice insurance they pay PER YEAR.

With each case he/she may make $2600 but because of the chance for legal action the surgeon is on the hook for potentially millions...not a fair ratio in my opinion. Also, HMO's continually cut reimbursement to physicians (they only get a PORTION of the actual billed amount) but the costs of overhead keep climbing. :twisted:

The copay is part of the physicians fee and part of your contract with your insurance agency. To waive the copay puts the physician at risk for insurance fraud charges...

Not paying the copay is like eating out at a nice restaurant,ordering an entree,dessert and coffee and then refusing to pay for the dessert! I doubt you would be welcome back there! :wink:

Anyway, I hope your surgeons skill and training serve you well for many years to come...

Best wishes,Lynn

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