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Hello friends,

Sorry I have been slow about sending posts. I was able to attend my daughter's graduation from SDSU in May. Had all my hair for her big day -- the next day it started falling out. Strangest thing though, only the dark hair fell out, all the gray hair stayed. Got back to MD on the 26th and went in for a mediport installation and then round 2 of chemo. Hospital inpatient again. Home for the Memorial day weekend, but felt horrible. Did have an opportunity to attend the local Survivors picnic, and the next week the ACS Relay for Life. Both great events. Felt good for the next week and just went (out patient this time) for round 3 of chemo. Much nicer to come home at night instead of the hospital. Weekly blood checks have been good, things are looking up. After round 3 I'll get some more tests to see what is happening.

I'll try to be better about sending posts, I do read many of yours though.


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Good update, Mark! We like those!

Glad to hear you are having some good days in between all the chemo. It can be rough on some people, but well worth it in the long run, so hang in there and let them watch your blood counts and all that for you.

Personally, I think rest helps a lot -- not necessarily sleeping, but just stopping to sit and be idle for an hour or so at least once a day. Fresh pineapple, popsicles, and many other things recommended by people here help keep the bad taste out of your mouth, and lots of other tricks they have learned along the way and are happy to share.

Of course, nothing works as good as family and loved ones, and it sounds like you're getting plenty of that!

My best wishes to you.


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Hi Mark. I wonder if the dose is different for SCLC. I got all my chemo out patient (along with daily radiation for 6 weeks) and I had the same drugs. I will let Jay know how you are doing when he gets home from Reno. He is working hard you know, gave a presentation yesterday. Of course he also got a round of golf in while he's out there. Hope those little drops of chemo are firing big guns at every renegade cell and shooting them dead. Donna G

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