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Ry, quick, I need a Pass!

Donna G

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Just got home from work and was about to start packing and realized I didn't get a pass yet. Please issue quickly. Am flying to my home state of Massachusetts in the AM. My niece Michelle is getting married in Foxboro ( yes near the stadium the New England Patriots play football).

All of you hear me, please stay well, have some fun til I get back and have a chance to catch up on all your posts. Bye. Donna G

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Thanks Ry. The Patriot pass sounds Great! I'm all packed, and leave for the airport in a few minutes but just wanted to check that it's legal. I am so excited! Donna G

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I am officially back. Boy I just hate to turn in a pass called the "Patriots Pass" . O well, I must. Saw the new stadium. Turns out you can walk to it from my brothers house. Boy this trip was one big party after another for 3 days. The wedding was like a fairy tale, just perfect. Lots of great food all week, great talk , great music, great dancing, swimming, great time! Went one morning to see the neighborhood I group up in, boy has that changed! Many of the houses grew second floors! My house and the one next door now have Bay windows. Somehow the street seems skinny, how did we play there ( squash, jump rope, hop scotch) ? My grammar school is only 5 or 6 blocks away, why did it seem like a pretty good walk?

Well I have lots of things to ponder. Also need to give thanks that I am still here and was able to go.

Missed you guys, somehow you were with me though, in my heart. Donna G

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:D Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know how much I miss you, Donna! I feel you just gotta be here for me!

Glad you had such a wonderful time. I will be visiting my own brother in RI in August. Too bad we couldn't coordinate our trips to meet up with one another. Wouldn't that be something!


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