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Mom's scan results


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There is a lil down news...the "speck" they saw (about 5mm) last time did grow a lil...it's now at about 1 cm. BUT...the tumor they hit with SRS is almost gone and they are now planning on zapping this second one about two weeks after she's done with the rest of treatment. We're SO encouraged and happy :D ...she's not empty headed, but the only thing that did show up was a little growth of something we knew to be there, no "new"!!!!!

While we've been having all the trouble with PE with her, she's had multiple CT's of her chest...so, we checked on progress with the primary tumor and lymphnodes, too. Additional good news!!! Her onc told her "the chemo and radiation are doing what they're supposed to be doing....there is significant changes" Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

And one last great piece of news! She's only got 8 radiation days left!!! We're not sure how many chemo they're going to be able to get into her, but she's pushing to get the 5th one in today!! She doesn't want to drag that out any longer than she's got to!

Thank you all for your support and prayers! He does work miracles!! Believe it and never give up hope!

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yippeee!!! I am SO happy, missy. hooray. what a trouper she is, what a tough cookie! and you must be such a comfort and a joy to her. prayer, hope and love work. they really do, don't they!



PS. I wish I could pull off a 'hot dang', it just sounds wrong with my new yawk accent. :wink:

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Thanks to you all...wanted to let ya know that because of the results...and because of her continued white count suppression, we're changing game plans!!! LOL (always seems like that's what happens!) :wink:

She's going to finish the 8 radiation days left and discontinue the rest of the scheduled chemo. Once she's done with radiation, she'll be starting the 5 hour, once every three weeks hammering with carbo/taxol (it's working, might as well keep using it!!!) Somewhere in there she's going to schedule the SRS again for that lil bugger left in her mostly empty head! :shock:

We are completely overjoyed :D:D at the results and with the new treatment plan...i finally feel like her dr's are workin in unison instead of pulling against eachother!

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