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article on MSN about non-smokers and LC


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I found the following article this morning. I guess in light of Dana Reeves LC the media is now pointing out what this group has always known.. NON-smokers get LC too.

I thought the article was interesting and as a nonsmoker it was nice to see it reiterated that you don't have to smoke to get LC, it is a disease that can effect anyone!

There were some good links in the article as well.



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It is interesting the article says of those diagnosed with lung cancer "only 3% are under 45 years of age".

Well I figure .03 X 172,570 people a year is about 5,177 people. To me that's a lot of people! Also , that is only in the USA, imagine if you added in all those all over the world!

The news this am on TV continues talking about the sad news of Reeves. It is also saying that even non smokers cancer is caused by cigarette smoke, done passively by inhaling family members smoke or working in a smoking environment. They said only a small percent is caused by Radon, aspestos etc.

All this talk, we still need early detection and better treatment. Donna G

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I have just watched Good Morning America and was quite impressed with their coverage of the Dana Reeve story.

They seemed to be getting a handle on the non-smokers bit and Diane Saywer was talking to a dr that they have apparently used for the Peter Jennings coverage.

However, to my dismay when asked if anyone knows why non-smokers get lung cancer the dr stated that they didn't know but these people had probably been exposed to second hand smoke!

My bubble was burst at that moment, an educated man, who is a cancer specialist, still seemed to want to blame smoking as the catalyst for all lung cancer. As an aside he mentioned radon gas and other polutants could be a cause too.

Next time a prominent person is diagnosed with AIDS it will be interesting to see if anyone asks about their sex/drug habits!!

The old saying of bad publicity is better than no publicity holds true here I guess, at least people are thinking about lc.


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I saw that too, Geri. I've seen this same doctor several times, and he's like a broken record. I guess it's easier for him (and the Cleveland Clinic too, maybe?) to chalk it all up to smoking, because they don't have much $$ for research, and don't have to dig any deeper. (sigh) :roll: Notice how he knows nothing about Dana Reeve, yet makes this leap?

I wrote to ABC this a.m. asking them if they couldn't find a better "expert" -- at least one who is up on the latest research and information.


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THAT MSNBS ARTICLE IS AWESOME AND FANTASTIC AND INCREDIBLE!!! I love the attitude on blame the tobacco companies not the smoker. I also love the doctors giving so much credit to the people who work so hard to give up smoking. GO MSNBC!!! Thanks for sharing that article. That is the exact article we want to convey. I wish everyone would interview those doctors. I know that is how MY doctor feels too!

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