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There's no place like hope...:o)


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From the book "There's No Place Like Hope":

"I've dealt with the my anxiety by choosing to live my life

somewhat like a picnic on a cloudy day. I've gone ahead and planned the picnic, made the food, packed the car, gone to a great location, and am having a blast - even though the weatherman still says there's a chance of showers. I have two choices: I can either let the prediction of rain ruin everything as much as the rain itself would (and this still wouldn't prevent

the rain from falling if it is going to). Or I can throw some rain gear in the

car just in case - in the trunk, out of sight - and enjoy every minuteof

sunshine that I have. It may not rain at all or, if it does, it may

just be a sprinkle - but I've made up my mind that the mere "possibility"

of rain will not rob me of even one second of joy.

So far, I have enjoyed many storm-free years. Enjoy the sunshine.

If the rain falls, deal with it then, but in the meantime have some wonderful picnics!"

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Great piece, Laurie. I love it. Thanks.

It reminds me of my sister, Gloria. Lucie and I took her with us on a trip to the Canadian Rockies in 1992. She had severe heart problems but the doctor let her go because he thought it would be good for her spirits. She was a delight to the trip. One day we had the option to go rafting or to stay in the lodge. There were two women on the trip who said they wouldn't be going on the raft because of various health reasons. My sister said, "Honey, you are going to have those pains and problems whether you sit here in the lodge or go out on the raft, so why not go and enjoy?" And they did -- and had a great time. I loved my sister's philosophy of life. She died the next year, peacefully in her sleep. I'm glad we planned and had the "picnic". Don

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Boy Don, do I share your sister's philosophy.

My sister has lost her husband (esophagus cancer) and 3 of her five children have died. One at 33, one at 40 and one at 50. In the past few years she has had many health problems including breast cancer and a major heart attact.

My husband always knows when I am talking to my sister because I laugh almost the whole time. She is VERY SAD about her loses but she knows she loved them and did everything for them. She knows that moping around is not going to bring them back and will make everyone around her miserable.

Life is hard and not always fair. My belief is in finding joy somewhere, somehow every day and to thank God daily for this joy (not condemn Him for the hard).

Just my philosophy.

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