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WBR and naseau


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My dad is undergoing WBR as they found a met in the center of the cerebellum as well as one on the skull. The basic symptom he has been having is ongoing naseau and unsteadiness.

He is very frustrated right now and as he has put it to both my mom and I "sitting here waiting to die". I'm trying to work on his attitude with suggestions of planning some immediate fun things as well as a vacation to look forward to. [he is also frustrated that he cannot drive as that was his livelihood and even though he doesn't have any seizures, the Dr feels that he reflexes are poor and he basicaly didn't pass the drunk driving test}

He also is very frustrated that the Dr. is not doing anything to make him feel better. He is on an anti-naseau med and sometimes he feels a bit better, but generally not (even w/ the steroids his appetite is pretty weak).

I've tried to explain that the radiation will take some time to shrink / break down the tumor and he has to try to be patient.

Does anyone have any other suggestions on what he can try? Any home remedies for the naseausness? Has anybody experienced the same symptoms.

Thanks in advance


Dad 63 dx Stage IIIb adenocarcinoma 9/03.

Chemo / Radiation

Now 2 mets to brain /skull

WBR 14 treatments underway

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Paula, I'm so sorry that your dad is having such a rough time of it right now. Has your dad's oncologist prescribed any meds for the nausea? I know there are some that work really well. Some members here will be able to give you some really good suggestion regarding meds. Most of us consider driving to be a part of our independence and whether that freedom is taken away by illness or age, it's hard to accept. I'm sure your dad will come around and understand this decision is for his own good. Just assure him that someone will be there to take him wherever he needs to go. I'm sure that right now, in addition to feeling pretty lousy, he feels as if he's a burden to you and your mom. Men are like that. Just remember that gals don't own the rights to pity parties. Guys are allowed to throw them from time to time. I think it's great that you are being supportive and encouraging your dad to think about doing things he will enjoy! Maybe there are some of your dad's meds that he is currently taking that are causing him to be depressed??? I'm sure you will get some great advice from the people on the board! Hang in there!!!!

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So sorry your dad is having such a rough time. Have you been able to address these issues directly with his doctors? Sometimes patients, especially of a certain generation, feel they should be "good", "easy" patients and minimize (or not express at all) their complaints. Some doctors seem to need an extra kick in the butt to take action. Maybe you can deliver one! 8)

Seems like there must be things the docs can do to help your dad with nausea and depression. You are certainly doing some wonderful things on your own.


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I'm sorry that your dad is having such a rough time. Let him know that he will feel better when the radiation is over. How many more treatments does he have?

The nausea may be caused by his balance being out of wack. When I had WBR it did make me a little dizzy at the beginning. But the further out I got, the better I felt. Encourage him to be positive, I had 6 brain mets, very small, and the WBR shrank them down to nothing! It DOES work!

They told me not to drive either, and I'm 43. I know how hard it is to give that up. Let him know that it ain't so bad being driven everywhere! My WBR was over in October 04, but my husband still doesn't trust me to drive, good thing I have my 19 yr old son who is a big help and my husband who handles soooo much.

I'll be praying for you and your dad. Feel free to PM me if you have any WBR questions!


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I hear how worried you are, and I can't help you one bit. I just know how awful it is to see a parent so discouraged - my mom has had those moments. hang in there, talk to the docs about better medication for the nausea and,possibly, anti-depressants.

keep us posted.



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Oh geesh...it sounds like a really tough time there. My mom has only been going through this for the past 6 months, but she has seen her peaks and valleys as well. Just when I think the depression will overcome her, she pulls on the old bootstraps and climbs back out of her funk.

I hope things get better for your dad soon. I'll echo everyone else's sentiments about talking to the doctors, and letting them know the extent of his discomfort and sadness. You'll be in my prayers.

:) Kelly

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Sounds like you are having such a tough time...As a midwife, nausea is something I deal with on a regular basis. What I recomend to my clients is Chamomile tea, sipped, not gulped, also peppermint. Peppermint can be taken in a peppermint tea, or just smelling the peppermint essential each time nausea creeps up on you makes a world of difference.

My husband's daughter is staying with us for a while. She has severe nausea as she has a stomache virus and is pregnant. Peppermint tea, candles, essential oil, peppermint breath mints all must be used to keep anything down!

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