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The good news is...


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the CT scan I had Monday showed clear lungs. But the radiologist saw something "suspicious" on my liver. My doctors thinks it is probably just a small cyst, but he had me go down for a liver CT scan today. I won't get the results until Tuesday. So it's more waiting... worrying...

But I'm going to do some of the waiting at the beach this weekend. At our Relay for Life I won a certificate for a free night at a local hotel on the beach. So my husband, daughter and I are going to spend the weekend there sunning and swimming. Hopefully that will take my mind off of all this. Thank you everyone for your prayers.

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I sure liked your good news part -- your clear lungs and a weekend at the beach -- not too shabby. As for your liver, prayers that it is just a cyst. ((A couple of years ago, they saw "something" on my father's thyroid and his kidney. Had the scans, waited and worried and they were both nothing. Enjoy your weekend. As Don says, "don't borrow trouble."

gail p-m

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I have seen so many times on here that there was a suspicious "something", only to find out that it was actually a "nothing". And of course it usually takes days or weeks to discover that!

I know its hard to let it go but hope that you find a way to live in the moment this weekend. The water always gives me serenity and I wish the same for you.....

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Hi Jan, Well that cetainly is the best place to be. Feeling that sunshine and just relaxing. Hmmmmm sounds wonderful. Enjoy!! 8)

I am really glad for your good news, and will send good results vibes out to you.

Not to worry, have fun. :wink:


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