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WOW! Very good cancer website


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I just received the following from another cancer board.

Went to the website and found terrific info! Especially a whole bunch of medical articles showing exactly why we shouldn't get scared by those statistics we always see! I mean, I actually felt really encouraged after reading them!

Wanted to pass on a good resource to everyone. Really a shame the man who started the site died recently (nothing to do with his cancer!)


Dear all,

Some of you, perhaps many of you, have made use of Steve Dunn's


website, http://www.cancerguide.org -- a superb, intelligent guide to

finding precisely what you need to fight cancer.

Yesterday Steve passed away from a freak meningitis infection that was


related to his 1989 diagnosis of metastatic, "terminal" kidney cancer.

This email is a reminder what a truly enormous difference one person


decides to question, to fight, to endure can make in the lives of other

people, and that death cannot reverse the good we do.

If you have never seen Steve's site, please go there. It might save



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